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De Nora is a world leader in electrode technology for water treatment across a broad spectrum of industrial sectors.

The implementation of the IMO Convention on Ballast Water Management for commercial ships on 9.9.17 means that over the coming years all SOLAS ships on international passage and carrying ballast water will have to fit a Ballast Water Management System in order to reduce the spread of foreign marine organisms. The United States passed its own law, irrespective of the IMO Convention, in June 2012.

BALPURE® is an electrochlorination-based BWT system which has passed all required land-based and shipboard testing with results surpassing the IMO D2 standard by a factor of 10 in all categories. Based on proven technology, BALPURE® is power-efficient, effective and simple to retrofit including for vessels which pose challenges to BWT installation, such as tankers and those with high flow rates. Testing for USCG Type Approval is under way.

Quantum are very proud to act as Agents for this system in the UK market and to have clocked up significant sales to blue chip operators to date.



Yara Marine Technologies - Exhaust Gas Scrubbers

Yara Marine Technologies is a world leader in the design and manufacture of marine Exhaust Gas Scrubber systems designed to reduce SOx and NOx emissions and to help ship operators meet the new IMO 2020 emissions rules.

Yara have over 100 systems up and running globally and are unusual in using a safer and cheaper neutraliser than the usual caustic soda, which can offer huge safety and operating cost benefits year on year.

Quantum is enormously proud to represent Yara in the UK market.

 Chess Dynamics Ltd                   

Chess is a UK based designer and manufacturer of quality integrated electro-optical platforms for all environments.

Quantum is delighted to count Chess amongst our clients and to represent their top quality systems in the commercial marine market.

With a variety of high quality video cameras and thermal imagers available on these rugged, well proven platforms and the option of Chess' market leading gyrostabilisation, we can tailor each system to the individual application perfectly.