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Sonihull Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling and marine growth prevention system

Quantum is very proud to represent NRG Marine Ltd's innovative Sonihull ultrasonic marine anti-foul and Marine Growth Prevention System.

Using low power variable-frequency ultrasound generators to create microscopic cavitation on hard surfaces, Sonihull can prevent settlement by algae, barnacles, mussels and other encrusting marine organisms.

Simple to install and with a tiny power requirement, Sonihull gives owners an effective and low cost, zero toxin, zero spares, option in Marine Growth Prevention for seachests, keel coolers, box coolers, jet drives, saltwater pipework and filters, strainers etc.

Hull installations can save up to 20% of fuel consumption by keeping marine growth to a minimum. With zero-toxin anti-foul rules on the horizon, Sonihull's is ahead of the curve in helping boost the perfoemance of all anti-fouling systems.

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