Business to Business marketing services for the marine industry
Quantum Marketing

Active Selling, Sales Consultancy & Training

Need to give your sales a boost?

Sales are the lifeblood of any company, and yet this essential function does not always receive the attention or resources that it deserves.

Quantum can strengthen the sales capacity of its clients in several different ways, tailored to the product, the market and many other considerations.

We will act as an addition to your sales and marketing department if you wish. We are happy  to be out in front of customers for our clients and to act as Sales Agents if appropriate.

Selling is a state of mind and it's up to every individual in the organisation to play their part. Often your key sales people don't have "sales" in their job title - engineers for example - and often the backroom staff in the office are unaware of just how important they are.

Customers very quickly detect a lack of focus in a supplier, and appreciate the responsiveness of an organisation genuinely focused on sales. We provide sales consultancy to companies looking to strengthen their sales function, at a new product launch, or at new markets.

We offer training for staff in the subtle - and not so subtle - skills required to sell your company in day out.

We also carry out Market Research to assess the potential in a given market for a product or service and advise on how best to approach it in terms of the planning required, the support needed and we can advise on adjustments to your company structure to maximise your sales potential.


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