Business to Business marketing services for the marine industry
Quantum Marketing

Exhibition & Event Planning & Management

Time to get in front of people?

Quantum can organise a slick showing for you, whether it's a press launch or an international exhibition, starting with looking at the options available and deciding which shows fit the bill or how and where to launch a product.

For many companies it is not so much the overall cost as the management overhead that puts them off exhibitions and other events. Quantum can take a lot of this headache away.

There are 2 ways Quantum helps its clients to exhibit: under their own banner or under Quantum's name on a shared stand to reduce costs wherever possible. This new approach has proven itself to be a very cost-effective means of exhibiting for clients.

But either way, we can handle the logisitics, the furniture, the press releases and the brochures. In fact, everything that puts people off from doing more shows.

Please contact us for examples of our past work and to discuss your rquirements.

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