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Business Development Consultancy

Thinking of launching a new product or exploring a new market?

Extending the thinking beyond Sales Management brings us to Business Development. It's the difference between "Where are my sales coming from next month?" and "What are we aiming to be doing this time next year, the year after that and the year after that?". And it's one of the most commonly neglected areas of business management in small to medium size companies.

Quantum is well placed to help marine companies explore the long range thinking that is critical to the future growth and success of the business. It is often day to day management issues that cloud the long range vision of a company, and we can often provide the clear, fresh insight that is difficult to achieve from within the organisation. Whether or not our recommendations are followed precisely is up to the client of course, but regardless we can carry out research, provide an unbiased third party viewpoint, act as a sounding board, make recommendations and spot opportunities.

Additionally, our network of contacts is a fast track to the decision makers of the marine industry. When it comes to exploring new ideas these are the people one needs to be talking to. Whether it is an early exploratory discussion or a sales pitch, Quantum has a superb record of getting our customers in front of the right people.

Please contact us to discuss any requirements you might have, in strictest confidence. We have no problem with signing Non-Disclosure Agreements.

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